November Gardening Activities

Plants bulbs this month for spring color. Other gardening tasks for November include planting hardy annuals such as larkspur, poppies, pansies and candytuft. This is also a great time to plant trees, shrubs, vines, and roses. Take a drive and enjoy the glorious fall colors.

yellow ginkgo leaves falling to the ground
Ginkgo leaves in the fall
  • Fruits and Nuts–Select sites for plantings. start mulching strawberries, blackberries, and grapes.
  • Shrubs–Plant shrubs, trees, and vines.
  • Lawns–Some homeowners like lawn paints. Have you thought about having a green lawn this winter? Use proper herbicide to kill germinating winter weeds.
  • Roses– Get rose planting underway. Use a soil test as a basis for fertilization. Look for new varieties.
  • Annuals and Perennials–Plant hardy annuals such as larkspur, poppies, pansies, and candytuft. Get sweet peas into the ground.
  • Bulbs–Continue spring bulb planting. Put lilies of the valley in a shady place.
  • Miscellaneous–Plant screen plantings for a privacy on patio.
  • Vegetable Seed– Plant cabbage and lettuce in a coldframe.

Source: Alabama Cooperative Extension System ANR-0047