CAMGA’s Video Equipment

The equipment you need to produce a decent teaching video may already be in your pocket or purse. Today’s smartphones have remarkable video capabilities and decent onboard microphones, so don’t be afraid to get started using your smartphone. Here’s a page with some specific tips for shooting video with an iPhone, and here’s one about using an Android phone. Make sure you always shoot in landscape mode (with a horizontal screen rather than a vertical one) and that you stay nice and close to anyone whose speech needs to be heard. For your first video, a smartphone is a convenient and serviceable option.

When you’re a tad more ambitious, we have some great equipment that will give you more choices.

We own a Canon Vixia HF R600 camcorder. Its 64 GB SD card holds several hours of HD video. It has two batteries, each of which lasts about two hours. You can read its owners manual here.

We also own a Zoom H2n digital audio recorder. This is a sweet little recorder with five onboard microphones plus an input for a lavalier microphone. It has a 32 GB SD card that will allow it to record several hours of great-sounding audio. You can read the manual for the Zoom H2n here.

Rounding out our equipment package are a floor tripod and tabletop tripod, accessory cables, earbuds to monitor sound while you shoot, an SD card reader, and a case.

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