MCMGA Field Trip!!

Our last field trip was to the Oakville Indian Mounds on Thursday, March 5th.  We met at the Aquadome and carpooled to the mounds, arriving about 10 am.  Anna Mullican gave us a presentation at a meeting several months ago and the response was enthusiastic.  She led us on a guided tour of the museum and grounds in the rain.  We gathered for lunch in Moulton afterward.

Alabama is home to one of the densest concentrations of ancient Native American monumental architecture in North America.  Thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans, highly organized indigenous societies constructed large villages featuring mounds and associated earthworks out of earth, shell and stone throughout Alabama’s landscape  Some of these communities were rivaled in size and complexity only by cities built by the ancient civilizations of Central and South American.

The Oakville Indian Mounds were originally a complex of five mounds. They were the cultural center at the heart of the Moulton Valley during the Woodland Stage around 300 BC

For more information on future field trips, contact Rand Bryan