Autauga County Master Gardener Volunteers are…

Motivated –  to share their knowledge and expertise.
Accessible – to other Master Gardeners, horticulture and Extension professionals, and the public.
Service-oriented – to enhance their communities and the environment.
Trained – by Cooperative Extension in current horticultural practices.
Excited – about meeting other people who enjoy gardening.
Research ambassadors – who provide cutting-edge horticultural information to consumers.

Master Gardeners of the Year

  • 1996   Debbie Boutelier
  • 1999   Gene Stapleton
  • 2001   Bob Scheffler
  • 2003   Elissa Davis
  • 2009   Pam Olson
  • 2011   Anthony Yarbrough
  • 2013   Nancy Waggoner
  • 2014   Paula Seamon
  • 2015   Rose McCauley
  • 2017   Glenn Huovinen
  • 2018   Don Armstrong
  • 2019   Dian Owens
  • 2020   Bionca Lindsey
  • 2021   Cheri Cook
  • 2022   Sonya Moore




President: Sondra Henley (2023-24)
Vice-President: Nancy Waggoner (2023-24)
Secretary: Amy Richardson (2024-26)
Treasurer: Elijah Pugh (2024-26)

Committees and Projects

Advisory Council: Ange Trimble, Dawn Whitehead
Awards: Adrienne Yarbrough
Database Tracker: Rose McCauley
Demonstration Garden: Glenn Huovinen, Rose McCauley
Farmer’s Market: Vicki Williamson, Lori Terrell, Anthony Yarborough
Fundraising Committee: Sondra Henley
Handbook Editor: Valera Brown
Helpline: Lori Terrell
Hospitality: Cheri Cook, Diane Wonderly
Intern Representative: Samantha Bowen
Junior Master Gardeners:  Open
Library/Lower Kingston Community Center Education: Charlie French
Lunch & Learn: Vicki Williamson, Lori Terrell, Anthony Yarborough
Membership: Jane Boysen, Shannon Mayes
Membership Directory: Valera Brown, Lori Terrell, Sondra Henley
Monthly Meeting Programs: Nancy Waggoner
Newsletter “Dirty Digs”: John Carrick, Sondra Henley
Parliamentarian: Lori Terrell
Photographers: Susan Clapp, Dawn Whitehead
Pollinator Projects: Kathy Quinn, Sonya Moore
Prattvillage Garden: Jane McCarthy, Dian Owens, Debbie Boutelier
Regional ACES Agent: Mallory Kelley
Website: John Carrick, Debbie Boutelier, Sondra Henley, Dawn Whitehead, Samantha Bowen