The Prairie Mud Newsletter – May 2017

We had another hugely successful Plant Sale in April….and now I know why! It was such a pleasure to watch the coordination of the volunteers. Teamwork was the order of the day. Everyone seemed to know just what to do and how to do it.  No one seemed to be content to do just ‘their’ job. Once they were finished with one task they just jumped in to help someone else. Read May Issue of the Prairie Mud Newsletter for N E W S! Continue reading “The Prairie Mud Newsletter – May 2017”

The Prairie Mud – March Newsletter 2017

In this issue of “The Prairie Mud”  is the MG President’s Message (“Spring has sprung! Albeit a little bit early this year. It’s a not-so-gentle reminder that certain events are right around the corner. Our annual Plant Sale is coming up on April 21-22. Check with Janell Diggs if you would like to volunteer, bring plants or contribute garden ‘art’ to the sale. There are many ways that you can earn volunteer hours and have fun doing it.”) Keep reading for more information

March 2017 CCMGA Newsletter

Lunch and Learn – 2017


Capital City Master Gardener Association – Lunch & Learn 2017

The Capital City Master Gardener Association will be offering free monthly lunch and learn progrmas for the 2017 year. The sessions will be hosted the first wednesday of every month from 12:00 – 1:00 pm. The sessions will be held at the following location: 

Armory Learning Arts Center

1018 Madison Avenue

Montgomery AL 36104

For more information contact – Montgomery County Extension Office (334) 270-4133

The 2017 Lunch and Learn program calendar includes

4th January – What is a Master Gardener?  – Mallory Kelley, Horticulturist, ACES

1 February – Making my Garden Organic – Lee and Amanda Borden, Master Gardeners

1 March  – Planting your Summer Garden – Mike Foster, Master Gardener

5 April  – Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes! – Mallory Kelley, Horticulturist, ACES

7 June – Selecting & Caring for Roses – Gloria Purnell, Birmingham Rose Society

5 July  – Name that Tree – Patrick Cook, Alabama Forestry Commission

2 August  – Water Wisely  Drip Irrigation – Mary McCroan, Master Gardener

6 September – Fall Gardening for Spring Color  – Cindy Berg, Master Gardener

4 October – Backyard Varmints – Chris Jaworowski, Biologist, ACES

1 November  – Papercrete – Carla McCune, Master Gardener

6 December – Houseplants – Barbara Witt, Master Gardener