What are some volunteer activities I might do to complete my requirements?

There are lots of options! Here are some examples, but you’re certainly not limited to these. There are numerous other activities in which to participate, and volunteers may initiate their own approved project.

  1. Assist clientele that come into the Extension office for information.
  2. Respond to telephone calls from homeowners.
  3. Participate in design and operation of horticultural exhibits, displays or demonstrations.
  4. Staff your local Extension office horticulture hotline.
  5. Write an article for your Master Gardener newsletter.
  6. Give a talk at a Master Gardener program on a horticultural topic you know well.
  7. Make presentations on horticultural topics to 4-H groups, youth organizations, youth clubs, etc.
  8. Participate and organize school activities such as Arbor Day, Earth Day and horticulture tours.
  9. Participate in an Arbor Day planting.
  10. Help plant a special display in a local park garden or other public area.
  11. Establish drop off sites for produce as part of a Plant-a Row-for-the-Hungry project.
  12. Assist the staff of a local garden, research station, church, or other site maintain annual and perennial beds.
  13. Help an environmental preservation group with its annual cleanup of public or private lands.
  14. Assist in senior gardening programs.

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