Monthly Meeting

The Blount County Master Gardeners meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:PM except the months of  November, December, January and February when we meet at 5:00 PM.  We have no meeting in July.

The meeting location is usually at the Frank Green Building Auditorium except during June.  Location for June will be announced. Each meeting is a potluck dinner where members bring their favorite foods or a new recipe.    Come and join us and bring a friend.

We normally have a guest speaker on many subjects dealing with gardening of community activities.

Frank Green Building, 415 Fifth Avenue, East, Oneonta, AL 35121


*To be safe call the number and check before 4:30 P.M. in case of a schedule change.

March Blount County Master Gardeners Meeting

Always looking to sky for an eagle

Rapture Lunch

The March Blount County Master Gardeners meeting will be the first Tuesday of the month March 7th at 6 PM in the Frank Green Building in Oneonta.  The meeting will a potluck dinner followed by our guest speaker.  This will be our first night meeting of the year and looking forward to having a great meal and educational opportunity.

The day meetings were well attended but many of us still work and were not able to attend those

Dan talks about Eagles
Rapture Trip Lunch

meeting.  The expressions of people I talked with they really liked the day meeting in January and February since it gets so day early during those months and many do not like to leave home in the dark to go to the meeting. Thanks to Dan Porch for presenting a great program of Wildflowers of Blount County and just look around and you can see and appreciate the abundance of wildflowers that we have.

The Rapture Trip led by Dan Porch was very exciting even though the young eagles had left the nesting site it was still great to see the eagles and the vast array of other birds that we saw during the day.  If you were keeping up the bird count for the Great Backyard Bird Count you came out with a large listing of both water and land birds.  We shared lunch at Guntersville State Park and it is always great to get together with a bunch of master gardeners and friends anytime.

The plant sale will be coming in late April so hopefully you have seeds started or plants identified that we will have for the Master Gardener Plant sale that will be held at the Oneonta Agr-Plex.  More details to come and we will need assistance in setting up for the sale of Friday and during the sale on Saturday.  Come on Friday and work and beat the rush on the good plants.  That is a benefit for being a Master Gardeners.

February Blount County Meeting will be 11:30 Tuesday morning February 7th at the Frank Green Building

13 Interns attend the January Meeting
Intern Class of 2016

The Blount County Master Gardeners will be meeting Tuesday February 7th at 11:30 – 1:30 in the Frank Green building.  Bring a dish and share a potluck lunch with fellow Master Gardeners and Guest.

The program will be Mr. Dan Porch, our favorite extension agent, doing a program on Wildflowers.  Dan always has a great program and has information on just about any subject you want to discuss.  Dan has many years of experience in the Blount County area and vast number of wildflowers and native plants that are in the area is just amazing.  When I moved here I could not believe the great number and variety of wildflowers and natives that are everywhere.  There are so many that Ray Charles could probably seen a few of them.  Just kidding but it a thrill to get out in early spring and just enjoy the rainbow of colors that exists in this area.  Bring a friend as they are always welcome.

There are several members that are sick or have family members that are not doing well so keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Remember Judy’s parents and Noel Sanders as he is scheduled for by-pass surgery later in the week.

Along with the program from Dan we will also have the presentation of Reach for the Stars for recognition of Master Gardeners that reported their volunteer and educational hours.  We were off some 2000 hours total from last year but remember last year we had the State Conference that we were involved with so keep reporting those hours.  The following members will be recognized for the reported hours:  Allen Neel 4000+ (Ruby), Nancy Friday and Sharon Huffstutler 1000+ (Gold Name Badge)  These there will be picked up at the State Conference in Huntsville in May Because the AMGA makes those presentations.  Diann Evans and Angela Powers 500+ (Gold Star), Chad Bryan 300+ (Silver Star), Diane Launius and Steve Norris 100+ (Bronze Star).  Both Diane and Steve are recent graduates of the latest Intern Class and thanks for contributing you time and efforts.  Congratulations to all that turned in your hours and it greatly helps Kerry Smith with planning budgets and getting new programs funded.

Blount County Master Gardeners Installs Officers for 2017

New Officers Installed
2017 Officers

The new officers were installed on Tuesday during the daytime meeting of the Blount County Master Gardeners.  The meeting was well attended with over 50 members and guest present.  I was real glad to see 13 of the new Master Gardener Interns present at the meeting.

The installation was handled by Frankie Neel who always does an outstanding job of challenging and encourages each officer to make the organization as great as possible.  A big thanks for Frankie for handling the task once again.

The new officers are Barbara Andersen President, Angela Powers Vice President, Nancy Deason Treasurer, Andrea Choron Secretary.

We had a great presentation on Medical Gardens by Antonia Viteri, who also presented at the Fall Conference.

Our next meeting will be on  February 7th from 11:30 to 1:30 at the Frank Green Building.  Bring a dish and a friend and join us for another great meeting.

We will be taking down the lights at Palisades in a few days and based on the weather forecast we will decide which day in the next 10 or 12 days.  Barbara will send an email out to everyone.

Master Gardeners help to decorate Palisades Park, Oneonta, AL

The display of Christmas Lights and theme won Best of Show at Palisades Park and First Place in their Category.  Congratulations to the Master Gardeners and thanks for everyone that contributed to project.

The Blount County Master Gardeners spent the day decorating a part of Palisades Park for the Christmas Season.  It has been a long tradition to decorate and share the joy we have with the many visitors to the park during the Christmas Season.

A special thanks to everyone that came out today and enjoyed the beautiful day, friendship and community support.

All the sections of the park will be decorated before the 1st of December and will stay decorated until after new years so bring the family and friends and visit this wonderful place.

Master Gardener group enjoying a nice day at palisades park
Master Gardeners Decorate at Palisades Park

November Blount County Master Gardener Meeting

The Blount County Master Gardeners met Tuesday for their monthly meeting.  The potluck dinner was great and a large variety of food.  Yes the master gardeners love to cook good food.  Renee Thompson, program coordinator,  with ACES presented the latest Harvest for Health Program.  The program which connects a Master Gardener with a cancer survivor has just received a five year grant from American Cancer Society.  The program is a combined effort between ACES and UAB Comprehensive Cancer Program.  If you know someone that is 65 or over and a cancer survivor please contact Dan at the Oneonta ACES office.

The nominating committee made their recommendations for officers for 2017 and the following slate was elected:

President:   Barbara Anderson

Vice President:  Angela Powers

Secretary:  Andrea Choron

Treasurer:  Nancy Deason

The new officers will be installed at the December meeting.

The December meeting will be held at Palisades Park and will be our Christmas Party.  Be sure and bring some festive dishes and a friend and come and enjoy another year of Master Gardening.

NOTE to all we need help !!!!!  It is time to decorate Palisades Park again.  We will meet at the park November 15, 2016 at 9 am and do our decorations in the same area we have been using.  If you have greenery please bring it we will need a lot.  If you have ideas please share them with either Francis Gibbs or Harold Deason.  We will be putting up a lot of lights in the trees this year so bring you ladder and I have the lights.  Watch the weather report and dress accordingly.




Blount County Covered Bridge Festival

Master Gardeners gives recommendations
L/R Sherry Maddox, Angela Powers, Nancy Deason, Diane Evans

The Blount County Covered Bridge Festival is held each 4th Saturday in October each year.  This festival is well attended and the venue was open for many arts and crafts, food vendors, non-profits, vintage automobiles, music and everything in between.  The highlight of the festival is the tours of the Blount County Covered Bridges.  There are three bridges remaining and used daily by locals and visitors.  The Horton Mill bridge is located off Highway 75N above Oneonta and is the highest covered bridge over water in the US.  The smallest of the three bridges is the Easley Bridge located off 231 N of Oneonta and my favorite bridge, the Swann Bridge is located off Highway 79 N near Cleveland.  The Swann Bridge crosses the Locust Fork River and is surrounded with beautiful native plants and flowers.  Located downstream of the class five rapids that the river is known for the river is really enjoyed by the kayakers.  Upstream of the bridge is a favorite takeout for kayakers and under the bridge is a wonderful place for a picnic or place to cool off in the stream.

The Blount County Master Gardeners set up an informational booth and provided information and reference materials to the many people that stopped by to visit and ask questions.  No we were not giving out rocks but they did hold down the many pieces of literature that we had for the people to enjoy.  Saturday  morning was a brisk 41 degrees but by midday it was very comfortable and thanks to the many Master Gardeners that came and worked in the booth.

The festival has just about everything that you would need or want from live music, solar demonstrations, Friends of the Locust Fork River, hot rods and yes there was a GTO with 3 deuces, a 4 speed and a 389 if you remember the song.  The Blount County Cattlemen’s Association was there selling those great ribeye sandwiches they are known for.  Overall it was a fun and educational day. If you missed it remember and come next year.

2016 Master Gardener Fall Conference

Group of Master Gardeners listening to speaker
Thanks for all the great people that came to the conference

Blount County Master Gardeners Fall Conference 2016

Blount County Master Gardener Fall Conference was held recently at Palisades Park near Oneonta, AL.  There was a great turnout and once again the Conference was a sell out.  We were happy to see that there were Master Gardeners and Friends from eleven counties represented  at this conference.  The variety and quality of the speakers was really great and well accepted by the attendees.  Antonia Viteri, opened the conference with Medicinal Gardens where we learned a lot regarding herbs and their benefits.   Next was Stewart Myers from Myers Plants and Pottery that got everyone looking for Holy Basil and many other seasonal plants.  He presented alternative plants as well as the excepted standards for the fall.

Everyone loves butterflies and Paulette Ogard presented butterflies of Alabama in a different format and the program was spell binding.  It was interesting to see the audience really listening to her presentation.  The photography by Sarah Bright was wonderful.  It had been a fun day of fellowship, learning and eating and the last speaker sometimes has a problem keeping everyone’s attention but Bethany O’Rear did not have that problem as she presented Container Gardening and stretched everyone’s imagination as to what to plant in.

Thanks for everyone that attended, the members of Blount County Master Gardeners that supported the conference and we will see you next year.