2016 AMGA Conference

The Chilton County Master Gardeners Association was well represented this year at the 2016 AMGA Conference held in Dothan, AL on May 12-14. To name just a few of the topics covered: Pros and Cons of Biochar by Dr. Yucheng Feng; Backyard Aquaponics by Ext. Horticulturist Jeremy Pickens, and Southern Wreaths Throughout the Season by author and artist Mark Ballard. Our web team was also very glad to finally meet Tyler Weldon from Auburn IT department after many emails back and forth about transferring our website to the Auburn server. He did a roundtable discussion on “WordPress-Managing Your Association’s Website” We also had 6 very nice gifts for the Silent Auction, which the AMGA said was the best this year ever in their conference’s history.

Having fun at AMGA conference