Margaret Goolsby

Margaret Goolsby ‘s favorite thing about Chilton County Master Gardeners are the people, old and new members, and all the things she keeps learning from being involved with CCMGA.Margaret is a Jemison resident, and has lived in several states and Germany.  She is married to Buddy Goolsby since 1974. They collectively have 5 children, 14 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren  with 2 more on the way.
Margaret graduated and certified  with the MG Program in 2006. During her  CCMGA Presidency in 2011-2012  she wanted to see the association grow and become better known in the community. She believes CCMGA has met these goals because CCMGA is called on more and more to help with community projects.  In 2013 she will serve as CCMGA Treasurer. Her goals are to set a budget and keep the association on  track.

As a 6 year old, Margaret learned  what vegetable gardening was about.  She helped her mother in the family garden and as the family grew so did the garden.  She feels most rewarded when she propagates something from a tiny stick to a thriving plant/shrub. She prefers flowering plants that are easy and return year after year. Margaret and Buddy have a small garden with a few tomatoes and herbs along with figs, blueberries, blackberries, plums and pomegranates.Margaret’s other hobbies are: sewing, crochet, floral arrangements, oil painting, jewelry making and reading.  She has taught oil painting.  She has also taught ceramics and is certified by the National Ceramic Manufacturers Assoc.   Along with all this talent, she has been a bookkeeper, a photographer and real estate broker.

One thing you may not know about Margaret is she has been a member of the Rebekah’s (Odd Fellows)  since 1983.  In 1993 she was the President of the State of Arizona’s chapter.  Following is the explanation of this meaningful association:The Rebekah’s are a Fraternal Order, as well as a Service Organization. Our members must be 16-18 years or older, believe in a Supreme Being, Creator and Preserver of the Universe, and be faithful to their Country. Rebekah’s exhibit the true principles of Odd Fellowship which are Friendship, Love, and Truth and in this day and age are extended to rendering service to our communities- SERVICE IS OUR GOAL.In closing, she believes “we ought to all be true to ourselves and to God.”