Fruit Workshop and Grape Pruning

Chilton County Master Gardeners  attended a Small Fruit and Grape Production Workshop on March 8 at the Chilton Research and Extension Center.  Dr. Elina Coneva, Auburn University Department of Horticulture spoke on blueberry and grape varieties and gave a demonstration in the field on pruning European hybrid grape vines. Dr. Edgar Vinson, Extension Horticulture Specialist, discussed commercial strawberry production.  Kevin Burkett, Regional Extension Agent for Farm and Agribusiness Management, spoke on Commercial Farm Budgeting. A muscadine pruning demonstration was given by Matthew Price, CREC Research Assisstant. Our Master Gardeners found the workshop to very interesting and informative.

In preparation for the fruit workshop, Chilton County  Master Gardeners volunteered at the CREC pruning  grape vines. On the first day Diane Clapp, Lamar Giles, Bill Hairrell, Sondra Henley, Harriett Jackson, Rick Miller, Alan Reed and Lee Walters helped. The second day the MG volunteers were Alice Broome, Lamar Giles, Harriett Jackson, Rick Miller, Alan Reed, Lee Walters and Sue Webb.  Harriett Jackson and Alan Reed finished up on the third day.

Photos by Harriett Jackson


Master Gardener prunning grapes

Master Gardeners pruning vines

CCMGA Partners with Habitat for Humanity

Chilton County Master Gardeners partnered with Habitat for Humanity to rehabilitate the landscape of a recent Habitat for Humanity home in Clanton. Kimberly Lyn, master gardener and Habitat Board member coordinated the landscape project. The existing landscape was evaluated and a low maintenance update was planned. Over several weeks several CCMGA members raked leaves, prepared beds, and pruned trees and shrubs. They planted tea olives, knockout roses, and daylilies, spread mulch and even laid sod. This project fits perfectly with the mission of Chilton County Master Gardeners.

MGs working at Habitat House


Judging at Shelby Co. Fair

Chilton County Master Gardeners have a standing date with the Shelby County Fair to help judge the exhibits. This year several members helped out, as well as Jefferson County Master Gardeners, St. Clair County Master Gardeners, and Kiwanis members.  Photos by Harriett Jackson.