President’s Letter

Well…We made it through another year! Before getting into 2020, I would like to thank the 2019 Officers and the Board for their service, you are very much appreciated!

As we start this new year, let’s not forget who we are… As it states in our MG Handbook, we are trained volunteers serving as educators in our communities. Ask yourself “where can I be of service?” So, let’s look around and see what community projects we can find. That will be our challenge for the year.

So…moving forward we have a lot to be excited about. Now that we have established a relationship with Thorsby Elementary School we will continue participating in a Spring and Fall planting with the 3rd grade classes. As with any new relationship there have been growing pains, but with each year that relationship will grow stronger.
We will be having our plant sale in April, and plan on this being an annual fundraiser for us. With any new event it will take time to establish in the community and, again, we will feel some growing pains but I’m sure in no time Chilton County will look forward to this event every year. Once again, it will take all of us to participate and make this a success. I want to thank you now for your help, your patience and your plants that you have donated to make this happen.

I will end by saying we may not all agree all the time, but one thing we can agree on, we are all dedicated to the success of CCMGA, and it takes ALL of us to make this Association successful.

Susan M Cleckler
Chilton County Master Gardeners