Celebrating Octoberfest at Monthly Meeting

October’s meeting was a celebration of all things German; food, decorations, stories, all depicting the life of Germany. CCMGA member Wally Walters presented an excellent description of what it’s like to visit Germany, and she should know, she was born in Germany! The food the many members brought was fabulous, with many of the items labeled with the English name and also the German name.
Our program was presented by CCMGA member Margie Robertson, who is a Master Beekeeper and a member of the Shelby County Beekeeper’s Association. She did an excellent job of describing the bee’s life cycle, and how they go about gathering nectar for the honey.┬áMargie ┬ádid this without the aid of a PowerPoint, which wasn’t really missed, as she did such a wonderful job of describing everything in vivid color!