Craft Day

Craft Day was recently held in Sondra Henley’s garage and 14 wreaths were made. These were made for the sale to be held at Thorsby Swedish Fest on October 10th. Three Planter Chairs were refurbished to add to the sale of the wreaths. There will also be plants for sale at the booth hosted by CCMGA members. Attendees were Alice Broome, Diane Clapp, Linda Hays, Essie Edel, Ann Moore, Margaret Goolsby and Sondra Henley. Mildred and Jimmy Knowles contributed the vines that the wreaths were made from and Ann Stocking donated craft items. Many items were also donated by the ones attending Craft Day. Please come see us at Thorsby Swedish Fest Saturday, October 10th!!
Wreaths at craft day