Fig and Vine Cutting Team

This project meets the criteria of Demonstration Garden, Hands On Program, Community Service and benefitted CCMGA Plant Sales.

The group learned how to prune fig trees and muscadine vines. Agent, Jim Pitts, represented Auburn oversaw the pruning. The hands on activity and what was learned can now be implemented in the participant’s yards, and communities. All Master Gardener Interns and Chilton County Master Gardeners were given the opportunity to participate in the project.

The Fig and Vine Cutting Team included Ed Simmons, coordinator, Alan Reed, Jimmy and Mildred Knowles, Lamar Giles, Rick Miller, Wayne Short, Bob Bates, Lee and Wally Walters, Bettye Glass, Harriett Jackson, Belita Fowler, Margie Robertson, and John Sanders.

As coordinator, Ed contacted his team by email to inform them of meeting dates and what to bring. He made sure the team was properly informed about pruning techniques, ways to keep limbs separated and identified, disinfecting tools, and rooting practices.

Through this team’s efforts the Chilton County Master Gardeners had plenty of identified fig limbs to take home and root for upcoming sales. Fig tree plants are sold every year at the Expo in August, which features fruits grown on the site.

This team’s efforts begin in cold, wet weather in January and ended at the Expo on one of the hottest days of the year. From this team’s efforts, approximately 68 fig trees and 8 vines were propagated. Growing Figs informational handout was given with each sale.


An additional benefit of the trimmings was the waste which was made into vine wreaths. Several other Master Gardeners collected and rolled the vines into wreaths from the cuttings and sold them at CCMGA Plant sales.