County Planters

This project meets the criteria of Demonstration Garden, although not a garden; it is a demonstration of some of the things MG do. It is also affects the communities of Chilton County through Community Service.

The preparation of the County Planters by the teams that service them should be recognized. Through this activity the towns of Clanton and Jemison have come to rely on Master Gardeners to help beautify their cities. The benefits are many. I have heard numerous comments from family, close friends and people I hardly knew who live outside this county comment on the attractive planters and how much they add to the atmosphere of the town. It also gives us, as an association a chance to work with some of the officials of the towns. Additionally, for everyone interested in decorative plants, a wide variety of seasonal plants are displayed. These planters greatly increase the exposure of Master Gardeners and help to serve as our advertisement. I believe this project has become one of the signatures of the Chilton County Master Gardener Association.