Website Team

The Web Team met the criteria of a Service Project. This project provides a window of opportunity for the Chilton County Master Gardeners and the Cyberspace audience to sit in the comfort of their homes. There they can attend workshops and presentations, and read about community service through the many articles we offer along with other resource links. The Web team also met the criteria of Innovative Projects by establishing the newer technology of a web page to become our association’s newsletter. General Master Gardener accomplishments were met as we researched other informative links that would compliment Master Gardener skills and interests.

In 2009 Leo Phillips started the website giving us the springboard for the CCMGA website today. In 2011, a web team started discussing what else we wanted the site to be and become. Today the web team consists of, Steve McAnally, webmaster and site manager, Audrey Giles, writer, photos and designer, Trisha Williams, editor, Sondra Henley, writer and Barbara McAnally, Facebook Page manager. We wanted Master Gardeners to learn about each other and other people important to the MG Program so we chose to provide articles featuring selected people each month. We provide links to AU Webinars on specialty topics, such as the extreme Fire Ant problem Alabama has faced this year. We wanted research based information at the click of a button for MG to easily link to, so we added Gardening Research, along with Master Gardeners in Alabama and State Master Gardeners. We keep our CCMGA informed of daily weather forecasts and volunteer opportunities on our calendar of events. Categories of articles are Community Workshops, Recipes, Musings, Community Assistance, Speaker Bureau, Plant Sales, Extension Activities, Education Outreach, Group Tours, Timely Garden Tips and others.

Anyone who views our site may use the information provided there. We encourage, educate and share, who we are, what we are involved in and hopefully encourage others to join us  @