Audrey Giles

Audrey Giles – She is much more than her camera!

Good photography is a precise and challenging responsibility, and is often taken for granted. Much of the real work is done behind the scenes, after the actual picture is taken. Audrey has accepted this responsibility and does not take her job lightly. She is great at remembering to record the various activities of the Master gardeners through pictures.

She handled the project of the membership pictorial directory with expertise and patience. But even more so; she showed a willingness to grow in learning new computer software techniques. Additionally, she helped with the Intern Class by organizing and setting up the luncheons for new members.

Although we have listed her qualities on paper, it is hard to do her justice. She is the epitome of all that is good about Master Gardeners, always involved which underscores her love for CCMGA and its members. She is gracious, kind and humble, always willing to help. I believe she is worthy of being recognized and encouraged by this nomination of Outstanding Service and Dedication to CCMGA.