Members attend Seminar

Several members attended the 2016 AMGA Fall Seminar on September 29th, held at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Some of the programs included “Japanese Maples: Aristocrat of Trees” by David Doggett, JCMG; “Beauty in Her Own Backyard” by Sally Price, JCMG; “The Aging Gardener” by Fletcher Harvey, JCMG; and  “Tree I.D.” by Mallory Kelley, ACES just to name a few. The weather was absolutely gorgeous at the gardens and lunch and breaks was enjoyed on the outdoor patio just outside the Hodges Room. Pictured left to right: Sondra Henley, Trisha Williams, Audrey Giles, Pat Farmer, & Margaret Goolsby.

Master Gardeners attend 2016 Fall Seminar