What’s a Chick Chain?

Chilton-Coosa 4-H Chick Chain

By Pat Farmer


 Chilton and Coosa counties in conjunction with the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service and Alabama 4-H sponsor a program each spring for 4-H members between the ages of 9 – 18 years called Chick Chain.

Participates receives 10 baby chicks (5 each of two breeds), and they have to take care of them for about 21 weeks. They are taught how to house and feed the baby chicks.  Two of our members, Jerry and Pat Farmer assist Josine Walter, the ACES 4-H Regional Agent and other ACES staff members in handing out the 2 day old chicks (500+). They also go on many farm visits  during the summer to check on the progress of the chicks.

The 4-H participants learn several things during the time of raising their chicks: how to produce healthy chickens, recordkeeping skills, poultry management skills, business management and they also achieved a sense of pride and accomplishment in a job well done.