Meet Jane Mason

Jane is what I call a beautiful person. She is not only attractive on the outside with her graciousness and poise but she is pretty on the inside as well. Always a lady that exhibits care for others, her niche in CCMGA is Card Chairman. Jane and her husband of 49 years, Ralph, live on Lake Mitchell outside of Verbena. They have three children, two live in Birmingham and one in Virginia. They also have two grandchildren.
Jane was new in the community and wanted to meet people so like many of us, she chose to attend the Master Gardener Program. She became certified in 2007. Jane is currently the Chairman of the Card Committee. Many of us have been a recipient of her encouraging words and timely cards. She has often said how much she enjoys this job and was glad to step up again in 2014.

She first began gardening in 1990. She likes being outside raking and watering and making things look nice. Jane said she and Ralph really had to be creative with their landscaping when they moved into their lake house. Once the construction was completed, the budget did not leave much to work with for landscaping. So after they experienced spring rains and then mud, they went to work planting evergreens, azaleas, nandinas, pyacanthas, day lilies and they spread lots of mulch. Next they planted crepe myrtles and centipede. Spring annuals completed their lovely landscaped area.

Jane’s favorite spot is at the top of the front lawn where her Iris bed resides. She has collected many colors from MG friends and enjoys tending to this bed. Geraniums also vie for her attention. When she is not tending to the flowers she likes to sit in a chair reading or watching the birds.

People may not know that Jane was an elementary teacher with a teaching career of 25+ years. She loved teaching children how to read and write. Jane told me when applying to the University of Florida she was not good at testing. Having failed to make the acceptable score, the college told her that she was not college material. Jane enrolled in a private girl’s school and then later transferred to the university where she graduated with honors. Just shows that test scores don’t always indicate the ending results!

Jane still loves to read and spends time in bookstores finding literary treasures. She is getting serious about cooking these days and likes recipes from Martha Stewart. She loves time in the kitchen with her grandchildren best of all.

Jane believes we should all cover each other in prayer. She enjoys the friendships she has made in CCMGA and being a Master Gardener. What she looks forward to the most are the variety of projects and programs that are presented in our meetings.