A Moon Garden

Our April program was brought to us by Lee County Master Gardener Dianna Fortner. Dianna is in her final phase of earning her Advanced Master Gardener certificate. Moon gardening is what she is specializing in. A Moon garden is just what it sounds like, a garden that is meant to be enjoyed by the light of the moon. You would use plants with pale or silver foliage and white flowers that bloom in the evenings. Adding a water feature would make sitting in your moon garden just that much more enjoyable! Everyone should try growing one. Thank you, Dianna Fortner for a very interesting program!

We are so saddened to have lost 2 of our members since the meeting on April 9. On April 13, Mrs. Joan Barber lost her life in a car accident on the way home from our Plant Sale. Mrs. Barber was a very kind, quiet, free hearted lady that was known for her baking, crocheting, and making the planter chairs for our Plant Sale. Joan, you will surely be missed!
On April 14, one of our charter members, Alan Reed gave up his long fight against cancer. Mr. Reed was always there to lend a hand; he always kept our irrigation system going in the Demo Garden, helped install the system at the Extension office, always helped with the Plant Sales, just too many things to list them all here. Also he was known for his dry sense of humor. We will miss you❗️R.I.P., dear Alan.