Prattville Tours

On April 11th, several of the Chilton County and Autauga County Master Gardeners made a trip to Prattville for a fun-filled touring day. Our first stop was the Bamboo Forest, which is located in Wilderness Park, 800 Upper Kingston Road and is owned by the City of Prattville. This is an amazing park, open from dawn to dusk everyday. Next on the list was the Demonstration Garden owned by the City of Prattville and  located next to the library. This garden is maintained by the Autauga County Master Gardeners. Many pounds of vegetables are grown and donated to area families each year.  Our next stop was the Prattville Gardens in Old Prattvillage. There we saw beautiful sun and shade-loving plants, which are also maintained by the Autauga County Master Gardeners. There is also a lovely old chapel on the site. The Gardens can be reserved for special events. Last but not least was the beautiful home of Autauga County Master Gardeners Don and Glenda Armstrong, which sits on 12 acres about 6 miles out of Prattville. Don’s main hobby is landscaping around his house. He also loves to propagate plants for his own use and Autauga County M.G.’s annual plant sale. They also provided a wonderful salad lunch complete with  homemade yeast rolls and dessert they prepared themselves. Our tour day was a huge success! HERE is a slideshow of photos from all our tours. Be patient as the music pauses, there’s MORE!