July Meeting Buzz!

The topic for our July meeting was Honeybees, so that’s the Buzz! Bill Evans, Master Beekeeper and current Vice President of the Alabama Beekeepers Association, told us about the importance of bees to pollination. He discussed the life cycle of bees and the jobs of each caste in the hive. Bees need nectar, pollen and water to survive. If a swarm occurs call a bee keeper to collect the bees.  Local ACES offices keep a list of beekeepers that will  collect swarms. Bill stressed the importance of buying honey from a beekeeper that you know so you get pure honey. For information on plants for bees check out this ACES publication:  Nectar and Pollen Producing Plants for Alabama

Charles Walker has completed requirements for Master certification and we presented his badge and certificate. Congratulations Charles!

MG V.P. Gives gift to speaker