Our Octogenarians for 2021

Regretfully three of our treasured Octogenarians passed away during 2020; E.C. Lewis, who was one of the founding members of Chilton County Master Gardener Association, Bob Bates, and Margaret Ennis. This is always very hard for us, especially this year with so many having Covid-19 and having loved ones sick with that, too. They will surely be missed. But on a brighter note, we gained two in our Octogenarian group; Wally Walters and Jimmy Knowles. Now whether or not they think reaching 80 is a good thing or not remains to be seen! I guess you could say Yes or No, according to how you look at it. Anyway, we always love our 80’s members and love seeing you at the meetings!

Meet Our Octogenarians

When I first wrote about our OCTOGENARIANS, we had four. Today we have nine!

“Octogenarian: Someone in his or her eighties, or in other words, between 80 and 89 years of age.”

Now that is a big word, and one that we don’t use in our every day speech, but a person that has lived for such a wonderful length of time deserves to have a special word to describe them.

The Chilton County Master Gardeners Association is blessed to have nine members that are Octogenarians. And along with this descriptive word comes a bonus of having a Lifetime Membership in CCMGA.

E.C. Lewis was one of the founding members of the Association and joined in 1999. Lindy Helton became a member in 2000, Charlotte Word in 2009, Margaret Goolsby in 2006, Peggy Harris in 2008, Margaret Ennis in 2007, JoAn Davis in 1997, Wayne Freeman in 2002, and Bettye Glass joined in 2011. We LOVE our OCTOGENARIANS!

Members at least 80 years old