A New Year

Our January meeting started off with our new President, Skip Coulter calling the meeting to order. Then member Ron Herbster led the group in the Pledge Alliance to the Flag. President Skip Coulter took a moment to thank Past President Jerry Farmer for his service and dedication this past year.  Jerry was presented a gift card to Petals From the Past from all the members. He then passed the gavel to the new president, Skip Coulter

 This month’s guest speaker, Mrs. Debbie Boutelier, was introduced by Vice President Betsy Smith. Mrs Boutelier currently serves as the Vice President of the Alabama Master Gardener Association. She is an herbalist and has served as the President of the Herb Society of America. She is the owner/consultant of ”Rooted in Thyme Apothecary” in Prattville) Potager Gardening was the topic of Debbie’s presentation. Potager is a French word that means “for the pot”. This type of garden (Jardin in French), is always located near the kitchen, provides vegetables, herbs, and edible & nonedible flowers “for the pot”. Compared to a standard vegetable garden, a potager garden places an emphasis on freshness (as opposed to preservation) and instead of traditional rows, incorporates small, compact areas with design principles. A most interesting program, thank you, Debbie Boutelier! The monthly business meeting was held after that and the meeting was adjourned at 11:31.

Debbie Boutelier 1-24

Speaker and V.P.
V.P. Betsy Smith presents Debbie Boutelier with speakers gift

Herbs in April

Debbie Boutelier, an Herbalist as well as a certified Master Gardener, spoke on growing and using herbs at the CCMGA April meeting. Most herbs required full sun and well drained soil so raised beds or pots are great ways to grow them. Of all the herbs she discussed most contain medicinal properties such as antibiotic, anti-fungal, and anti-septic. Herbs are often used to season our food but can also be used to make tisanes (teas), as tinctures, in cleaning products and more. Debbie suggests that we do our own research before using any herbs medicinally or to consult an herbalist.

Description of herbs